The Body You Create

Kerri Green-Scott

In fitness we often talk about exercising to create the body that you want. The amount of work you put into your training combined with your diet should reflect your results. In pregnancy, exercise and diet are not so much about the body you are creating on the outside, but about the little tiny body you are creating on the inside. So much of what we consume, orally and spiritually plays apart in our well being and the ultimate well being of that precious dependent life. We all know exercise produces endorphins. Endorphins are supposed to make you happy. So in a situation where the well being of one is dependent upon the well being of another, ones approach to a happy and healthy pregnancy is vital.

I have had the privilege for the past 5 years to work with prenatal and post partum women on their fitness journey. For some, the extrinsic motivator was to not gain a lot of weight during pregnancy or to get their snap back. But for all, it was to be as healthy as possible for the bodies they were creating and had created. Creating bodies is hard. It takes a lot of time and effort. It wears on you. Sometimes it leaves scars. No matter what, it is always worth it. Embrace your body, love the bodies that came from it.

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