FitMom Athletics

Kerri Green-Scott

Picture it, you are 7 months pregnant and your baby bump is really filling out. You go to the gym, like you have been doing your entire pregnancy, and just as you go to perform a squat, your pants malfunction. The pants that once loyally supported your frame are now ineffective. After gathering yourself from your brief embarrassment, you head to the local maternity store or aisle at your favorite chain and buy the only maternity workout pants they have. Eager to try them out, you go to the gym with your new workout pants on.  Now you seem to have a new issue, instead of your pants falling down, you have this layer of fabric pulled up to your chest.  While it keeps your butt from falling out, the construction is invasive and uncomfortable at its most basic level.


This is is what we along with so many active moms are experiencing every day in their workouts. Good news, it won’t be that way much longer. We have worked closely with moms during their prenatal and postpartum period to determine the best design to support mom in her journey during and after pregnancy. We look forward to keeping you updated on our progress and sharing some sneak peeks into our upcoming line.


FitMom Athletics…..Created by a FitMom for FitMoms everywhere.

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