Experts Urge Women to Exercise During Pregnancy

Kerri Green-Scott

n a recent article, the Minn Post talked about how experts and doctors are now urging women to exercise during their pregnancy. With the ever increasing numbers of interventions during labor, research is showing that exercise can reduce the likelihood of intervention. Another reason women are being urged to exercise is to reduce excessive weight gain. “In the United States, 45 percent of women begin pregnancy overweight or obese, up from 24 percent in 1983, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And 43 percent of pregnant women gain more weight than is recommended,” wrote Susan Perry.

Perry, mentions that caution must be used when beginning an exercise routine while pregnant. This topic has been researched for many years with new information and data shinning a light on the many benefits for mom and baby.

In a quantitative randomized controlled trial, 251 pregnant women with uncomplicated singleton pregnancies were placed into either a control group or an exercise group. The study was deigned to measure the influence exercise programs throughout pregnancy have on maternal and fetal parameters. Researchers found that in a healthy pregnancy, there are. I adverse effects as a result of exercise during pregnancy on maternal or fetal outcomes (Barakat, et al., 2014). In a 2012 study (Barakat, et al. 2012) hypothesized that exercise could potentially create a protective effect against pregnancy complications.


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